The “purple revolution” race war operation being pushed by the “progressive” party has been initiated. The narrative is that our new president has caused thousands of “Hillary Clinton” supporters to take the streets in protest. The MSM claims that the “RSXH” (Racist-Sexist- Xenophobic-Homophobic) ideology that Trump supposedly represents is at fault. Meaning that any and all “RSXH”motivated actions are to be blamed on the guy who has been in charge for less than a week.

The government is not your mommy! If your children are at school and commit inappropriate acts against people of other colors, races or religions, this is no ones fault accept yours! Yes, I understand that many HRC supporters are in favor of an all powerful government with an unprecendented overreach of power and control. Such as, NSA spying, NDAA, and health insurance mandates. If you want a government to take care of you, there are better options out there. Here in the Netherlands, you can pay 50% income tax and live in a Constitutional Monarchy. At least you will think you are free.

The United States has always had a bad relationship with socialism. We understand that the ultimate goal of socialism is communism. We understand that a limited government is the way to maintain our freedom. The election of the golden toad, has little to do with Trump’s supposed “RSZH” ideology and everything to do with electing a non establishment patriot to drain the swamp of corruption in Washington. Even in the unlikely scenario that he is a traitor, the movement he has promoted is too big to kill. The MSM seems to be fighting like a cornered rat, in its final decent while still delivering its fascist authoritarian programming.