Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. On one hand we must celebrate this victory against the media and establishment. On the other hand the Fascist Socialist’s have already began the backlash against our movement. They promote violence and rioting. The majority of Trump supporters have been expecting this, because we are aware of the Cloward and Piven strategy of divide and conquer. Divide racially and conquer with war and economic pressure.

The democrats and Obama claim that the economy is doing great and unemployment is decreasing. But those who don’t depend on CNN and the NYTimes for news, realize that this is propaganda. We have been aware of the left’s so called “progressive agenda” since the first term of the Obama regime. Obama’s socialist agenda has also depleted American sovereignty. The establishments trade (Nafta and Gatt) deals have devastated our economic output. The agenda hopes to bring down the economy in order to create a dominant majority dependent on the government.

A Trump presidency in no way makes this country or world safer or more stable. Now that the establishment/globalist’s have lost a foothold e.i. the presidency they will react and it may be worse than we can imagine. The economy is being held up by a string. Deutsche Bank is near a complete collapse, the US debt approaches 20 trillion, and our GDP is pathetic. Not to mention the black community has particularly struggled under the democrats (Source)

The next 2 months will be particularly precarious, with Obama still at the throne, the establishment will attempt to ignite civil unrest and further Deutsche Deutsche Syria in order to push for martial law and government overreach. We may see a new war, we may see a influx of domestic radical islamic terror attacks, bombings or “false flag” attacks.

Our role’s as truth seekers will be more important going forward than ever. We must continue to spread the truth to our friends and neighbors. So don’t become complacent, get to work to hold the media accountable for its lies, they are dying but not yet dead. We will defeat them, if we stay strong and diligent with our efforts!

Thank you for supporting Veritas! and lets take this information war to the next level and drive the metaphorical dagger into the heart of the enemy.