We are 20 days away from the most important Presidential election of our lifetime. I guess electing JFK (John F. Kennedy) must have been pretty exciting for those who fight for liberty and constitutionalism. I think Trump must essentially attack the MSM (mainstream media) and do what needs to be done regarding exposing its complete lack of partisan bias. Trump says “I’m not running to be the President of the world, I’m running to be President of the United States of America”, which sums up the overall message best. Those who don’t understand that we are being forced into global deals with the UN, which have not been voted on by the citizens don’t understand his statement. Trump should point out, as he has in his speeches, that 6 trillion dollars have been spent in the middle east to promote “progress” and “democracy”, a complete disaster. HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) has been in the government for 30 years and she has been known to promoted hawkish military positions in line with her mentors

HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) has been in the government for 30 years and she has been known to promote hawkish military positions, in line with her mentors Zibegniew Brezenski and Henry Kissinger. HRC now says that she does not support the TPP (trans-pacific partnership). Amazing to think her supporters actually may believe this. Trump pointed out last week that there are 45 times when HRC “praised” or “pushed” the TPP on record. 3 TPP agreement member countries have donated between 6-15 million to HRC. 9 of the companies who lobby for the TPP have “paid” her via a speech 2.7 million. Also that 82 out of the 262 (1 in 3) TPP “donors” also gave her between 21-67 million dollars. HRC also received 100 million from wall street and hedge funds. If there is anything I’m fully sure of in my life, it is that HRC will vote to pass TPP. Trump also suggests that if you really want to know what HRC is up to you should “follow the money”, and of course if you do you will discover that HRC is owned by big energy, big banks, corporate media and special interests for open borders and gun control.

This following with the music to our ears, utterance, and truth, that he will not, in fact, be owned by any global corporate interests. “Remember when special interests call and say”, “Mr. Trump, you must do this!” “I will say, no!” “I work for the American People!” A candidate who gets it, we are not stupid we understand how the system works. You are self-funded, and not from the “club”, we get it, we’re in. When could you say that was the case in our lifetime people? Even if he wants to start his own club, that’s great. The old club was getting way too powerful and he knows that. He says when you go to vote on November 8th, imagine a boardroom of lobbyists and wall street bankers who have been bleeding this country dry sitting there, and you will say “you’re fired!”, haha I love it! This guy really gets it, he’s not reading this from a teleprompter, he’s talking to the American People directly, and we love it! It’s time for America to stand up against our rulers, and spread the truth! We must protect the rights of journalists who risk their livelihood and freedom for the truth. Julian Assange said, “Analysts must be responsible NOT to the political leadership, analysts must be responsible to the PEOPLE and they must be responsible to the HISTORICAL RECORD”.

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