With a couple of President Trump’s cabinet appointments having a connection with Goldman Sachs, it begs the question, Is Trump in bed with Goldman Sachs? Steven Munchin is a former senior executive at Goldman, yet does not support Globalist policies, such as the Trans Pacific Partnership. He also wants to “strip back” The Dodd-Frank Act, as well as create a “21st Century” version of the Glass-Steagall Act. I follows the news, and these reasons are crucial aspects to consider. Is it possible that he is actually a reformed Globalist and really wants to create a healthy economy and a renaissance for our country?. Lets hope so, but we will have to let time tell.

Steve Bannon also a former Goldman executive, and highly criticized supposed “white supremacist” who was portrayed on SNL as a grim reaper character…WTF?. I did some additional research and the “racist” claims basically come from a supposed antisemitic statement quoted by his ex-wife from a phone conversation years ago. The elite on the right and left really detest Bannon, because of his anti-globalist positions and anti un-elected corporate government sentiment. All the more reason to like him right? The unprecedented gas lighting, actually has me second guessing myself sometimes. I am a little biased being a Breitbart supporter for some time.

Remember, these same un-elected elite members of the EU and UN view borders as an obstacle to their power and dominance. Like George Soros who lives in multiple countries and has no need for sovereignty. If we continue to consolidate power to this small group of elite manipulators, we will be driven into extreme socialism and ultimately communism. Communism always fails, because too much power is given to the state, and the incentive to work hard and create is destroyed.

The answer is no, the Trump is not in bed with Goldman Sachs, he is the real deal. He has devised a dream team of anti-globalist, former insiders to deconstruct and rebuild our government from the inside out. I don’t know if it can be done, but rumor has it Trump is trying. Folks, we better suck it up and get behind this man! We have one last chance to change the course of history and rewind some of the horrible unconstitutional and degenerate policies of the so called “progressive” left, before our country implodes.

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