One of the most troublesome attempted media manipulations which took place during the 2016 election campaign came after Trump had won. The media began to propagate a false narrative that claimed the Russian government not only coined the phrase “crooked Hillary”, but convinced or demanded Trump use it in his campaign rally speeches. As if Hillary Clinton was some kind of pillar of morality. I won’t go into her past because I have documented a small portion of her alleged crimes previously. This moment was when I realized the true power the left wing socialist Democratic Party controlled media such as CNN,MSNBC,CNBC and NPR had over its minions. They feed these lies and most times backwards and opposite non-truths to these desperate snowflake followers like an umbilical cord coming directly from the unelected corporate world government. Any alternative information offered results in name calling and aggravated repetition of “Rachel Maddow” esqe talking points being loudly screamed in your face. These bubble dwellers only are able to discuss topics that are considered “crucial” by the newly created “ministry of truth” of the Obama administration.