It was not long ago that anyone who questioned the health of Hillary Clinton was a full-blown conspiracy theorist. I think this clip is clear proof that her health is much worse than her campaign admits. They report that she has “pneumonia” but other reputable sources have stated that she is showing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Here are some of the headlines we have seen.

“Here’s how we know the bonkers conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton’s health is catching on”

“Hillary Clinton’s health crisis was a victory for conspiracy theorists – on 9/11, of all days” The Spectator

“WikiLeaks Feeds Conspiracy Theories That Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s Or Head Injury Complications” Huffington Post

“Hillary Clinton: ‘conspiracy theories’ about my health are not a concern” UK Business Insider

The new question is what will the democratic party do if she is unable to proceed as the nominee? Will they attempt to nominate another candidate? Will they attempt to postpone the election? We will find out soon enough. For the democratic socialists that support Hillary Clinton, there is a lesson to be learned. You should not believe everything the Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes tell you. Remember the main-stream media has an interest in keeping things the same. They have no intention of reporting anything besides the official state opinion of reality. Look to alternative sources for information. After all the info war is in full swing!